Treatment for Stress

“If you want to know what your thoughts were like yesterday, check how your body feels today.”  Indian saying.

If you are drowning in a sea of inescapable stress, every little thing that happens tends to seem worse than it really is.  But when you are floating comfortably on a sea of good feelings, any little waves in the ocean won’t really affect you.  You will still notice them, but your world won’t be rocked every time there’s a bump in the road.

The main trigger for the stress response is NOT what happens, but rather our perception of what happens. “It is not the event, but rather our interpretation of it that causes our emotional reaction.”


The American Medical Association has stated that stress is the basic cause of more than 60% of all human illness and disease. Everyday thousands of people worldwide time off work because of stress which costs  billions of dollars each year through loss of productivity and illness.  It is reported that stress-related illness has almost doubled since 1990 and is growing each year.

Stress is a natural part of life. There are many different causes of stress and people have different strategies and coping mechanisms to handle stressful situations.

  • Type “A” People: are normally analytical and over achievers, quick to anger, competitive, and often set unrealistic goals. They sometimes seem to addicted to stress and will create another stressful situation as soon as other one dies down. Moto: “Bite off more than you can chew …. than chew really, really hard….!”
  • Grief or Loss: this could be job-loss, loss of health. Loss of a loved one, loss of confidence/self esteem after a potential mistake
  • Internal Conflict: feeling stuck or trapped, unable to make decisions
  • Work Related: long hours, long periods without time off, increased workload due to downsizing, bullying in the workplace
  • External Conflict: between friends, family, colleagues, neighbours
  • Change: circumstances change such a marriage/divorce, career/job change, financial difficulties, house move, state or country move
  • Unresolved past issues/emotions: these can alter your perception of reality
  • Trauma: accidents, injuries to your body or a loved one, witnessing or being a victim of crime or abuse
  • Heredity or Learned Behaviours: If your parents did not have appropriate reactions to stress, their reactions often become the same way that we react now. This could also be influenced by the way various cultures handle stress and is passed down.
  • Poor Sleep Patterns: can cause long term stress/depression
  • Excessive demands or deadlines: enough said!
  • Denial or lack of acceptance to what is: Denial, ignoring, non-acceptance of pain, fear, loss, depression, anger or even sorrow can cause prolonged stress – and over time the issue can appear to get worse than what is was originally.

However it is when it is a combination of stressors or when stress levels are heightened over an extended period of time that your physical or emotional wellbeing is compromised. When overwhelm sets, which can lead to depression or other illness, it is sometimes much more difficult to separate the cause from the event.

Some Factors To Consider…

Stress Kills: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Stanford University Medical School, and numerous health experts, the number one killer on the planet is STRESS! Up to 95% of all physical and nonphysical health problems have stress as their origin. Every time we have a health problem we should be asking, “What stress is causing this, and how can I eliminate it?”

Wrong Beliefs Cause Stress: According to research at Stanford University by  stress originates from wrong beliefs we hold about our circumstances and ourselves. These wrong beliefs cause us to misinterpret our circumstances as threatening, which creates internal stress.

The Real Problem: The destructive internal images broadcast a fear signal all over the body, sending the nervous system into a state of fight or flight. This state is synonymous with stress. The mind does not know the difference between what is imagined and what is real. So what is perceived as a threat evokes stress in the body.

SO JUST MAYBE … PERHAPS……… STRESS IS CREATED FROM YOUR INCORRECT BELIEFS AND MISINTERPRETATIONS! If this is the case, you may then view life and your personal circumstances and the world around you as being dangerous and threatening to you – because of these false beliefs and misinterpretations. And, when you feel threatened, the cells in your body are then constantly forced into stress. When that continually happens—day in and day out—your body becomes so stressed, that it begins to break down, and you are no longer able to repair yourself. FIGHT OR FLIGHT OR FREEZE KICKS IN.

How can we help?

We address the root cause of the stress and offer a variety of ways for reducing and managing stress with the power of Hypnotherapy, EFT, NLP and CBT. We help you take back control of your life so that you are empowered to manage and continue to reduce stress levels long after you complete your sessions with us. We provide a number of stress release tools and suggestions within hypnosis to lower stress levels to more appropriate levels; and teach you effective coping skills to handle stress in life.

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