Hypnotherapy and Aversion to Coke

WOMEN DIED FROM DRINKING 10 LITERS OF COKE A DAY, coroner says. Foxnews.com/published February 12, 2013

Apparently this person was addicted to Coke which eventually caused cardiac arrhythmia where the heart does not beat correctly.

10 liters of coke contained 2 pounds of sugar (almost a kg) and 970 mg of caffeine. Coke has argued that it cannot be held responsible for her death, as it was the excessive consumption that led to the death.


By utilizing the power of trance, new associations can be formed and new habits installed at the subconscious level. Through repetition new patterns are formed. Coke is a very addictive product. I am frequently asked to help people make better choices for their health.

Quit drinking Coke today!


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