Hypnosis to treat chronic pain & insomnia


The power of Hypnotherapy to heal is still in its infancy and no claims can be made with validity. However, we all know the power of mind/body healing and what phenomenal changes we can make in our health by changing the way we think about things. For instance, when dealing with terminal illness simply by deciding to live each day as if it was the last, has inspired many people to live way beyond the medical prediction. The language of Hypnotherapy is imagination and emotion; both powerful factors in assisting the body to heal. It is by releasing negative emotions and building powerful visualisations that you can move forward into a more positive state of being. There are no promises or guarantees; and it is simply by having no expectation that allows you to accept the inevitable.



Hypnotherapy was first used by medical doctors in the 1800’s as they did not have anaesthesia. The doctors performed major amputations with Hypnosis and the patient did not experience any pain. Hypnotherapy can help you control your pain by dissociating, relaxation or installing mechanism to adjust the levels of the pain.


Have you ever tried counting sheep? Well you are not alone. Trouble falling asleep is a very common complaint. With the rise in sleeping medications and their contra-indications, Hypnotherapy has become a natural alternative.


Hypnotherapy is gaining popularity before you go in for surgery or chemotherapy to optimise your body’s ability to perform well in the procedure and to recover speedily. Post Operative Hypnotherapy is also popular as it focuses on regaining full momentum and control of the body after an operation. The power of the mind is powerful in restoring health.


If you have been given a diagnosis that you are battling to understand, we help you to regain your inner strength to face the challenges that are presented. We will assist you in whatever way we can to help make your transition easier for you.


When you receive a diagnosis of cancer it can be overwhelming and many people find they need someone to help them to build their inner strength to face their challenges. We will support you in your journey in whatever way is necessary for you.