Help With Depression

Are you feeling sad all the time?  Maybe you just don’t enjoy anything the way you used to?  Are you feeling exhausted, hopeless and helpless? …….. you may be suffering from Depression.

Depression affects about 1 million people in Australia each year.

We all feel sad at times and sadness is a normal emotion.  However, if you are continuously sad it can lead to depression.  Depression can make you feel unhappy and sad and maybe you just don’t  enjoy things they used to.  Depression is serious.  Depression often leads to feelings of hopelessness and helplessness, and can lead to suicidal thoughts.

If you have any thoughts of hurting yourself or ending your life, then please urgently contact Life Line at 13 11 14, dial 000 for immediate assistance, or seek help with your GP or Mental Health Professional. Remember depression can be treated.

How can you know if you have Depression?

Generally there are 3 main types of symptoms:

  1. Physical Symptoms: feeling tired/exhausted, changes in sleep and appetite, reduced sexual interest, increase in physical health problems like pain, walking or moving more slowly.
  2. Changes in Behaviour: more irritable, avoiding people/places/things and things you used to enjoy doing or not getting the pleasure from the usual activities.
  3. Unhelpful Thoughts: excessive self-criticism and negative thoughts about yourself, feeling hopeless or helpless about yourself and the future, feeling sad, down, depressed or blue, difficulty concentrating and poor attention, poor memory and forgetfulness; and maybe even thoughts that you would rather not be alive.


It is vital that you recognise your own symptoms of depression.  This helps to target treatment as well as provides an early warning signal if you should lapse. It is also important to see your doctor for a complete check up to rule out other causes for these symptoms.  Often it is hormonal or thyroid or some other indicator in your body that needs balancing.  Looking at your diet is also very important, as both sugar and wheat have shown potential to affect depression.

The good news is that depression is treatable. It’s important to learn about your symptoms and learn key skills for managing those symptoms to allow you to gradually get back into a healthy routine. Learning to beat depression can be challenging because it robs you of motivation, energy and confidence.  We believe that most people suffering depression can successfully learn to overcome depression and get back to enjoying your life.

The cause of Depression could have many different origins.  It could be as a result of the environment, your genetic disposition, personal characteristics or brain chemistry.  Depression has been defined as “Learned Helplessness” which means that it can develop as a result of a lack of coping mechanisms taught in early developmental years or anxious behaviours often displayed by caregivers in response to certain events or circumstances.  And this is the reason that the same event may affect different individuals in different ways.

It is simply this reason, to learn new skills to cope again – and that is why Hypnotherapy is so very powerful in helping overcome depression.  Hypnotherapy helps you get your mind in the right place, to enable you to take back control of your life.

Hypnotherapy is now recognized as a potentially effective treatment for depression.  Recent studies have shown Hypnosis to be more effective than cognitive behavioural therapy which is the standard clinical approach to treat depression. So if other forms of treatment have not been successful, why not give Hypnotherapy a go. At Brisbane West Hypnotherapy we use a combination of treatment that includes Hypnotherapy, EFT, CBT and NLP.

With Hypnotherapy we can help you address the underlying cause as well as develop more effective coping behaviors.  We can also help you achieve a happier mood and decrease or dispel the pessimistic and negative thoughts that generally accompany depression. People who undergo hypnosis for depression will often experience a new sense of freedom and a greater sense of control over their thoughts, their mood, and their life in general.

Since anxiety often goes hand in hand with depression, hypnosis can also be very beneficial because it helps reduce and often alleviate the anxious thoughts and feelings. Rather than remain stuck in the vicious cycle of painful thoughts and feelings of guilt, worthlessness, and hopelessness, hypnosis can help you to develop a more positive outlook by using powerful suggestion. We will provide you with the tools you need in difficult situations – so you learn to respond effectively in situations that previously would have felt overwhelming or hopeless.

If you struggle with depression and would like to try a safe, alternative treatment method, hypnotherapy is definitely worth considering. Its is important to understand that although you will most probably feel a lot better after the first session, you will require 4 to 6 sessions to set you on the road to getting on with your life.

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