Treatment for Bad Habits

Do you have a habit that you would like to stop permanently?

We can treat all types of bad habits including nail biting, bedwetting, trichotillomania

Over the years, we often develop habits that are not conducive to the life we would like to live. A habit is formed when a neural pathway is formed in the brain by doing something over and over again. In order to break a habit, we need to access the subconscious and rewire the connection, by implementing a change in the pattern of the behaviour.


Whether it is Nail Biting, Bedwetting, Trichotillomania…..we can help you to address the root of the problem and turn this behaviour into a positive one. Trichotillomania (pulling out har, or eye lashes) can be classified as an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder which is in effect an anxiety disorder. However, Trichotillomania is showing major results with Hypnotherapy. This is not surprising as it is ultimately all about the body/mind connection.


Bedwetting can occur in adults and in children. The problem is called enuresis, or more commonly known as bedwetting. We have treated many children who range in age from 7 to 18; and some adults too.

The good thing is that HYPNOTHERAPY has an excellent record when dealing with this problem; and it is perfectly natural and safe.

It is important to check with your doctor that there is no physical cause for the problem – for instance it could be linked to a urinary infection or even diabetes; or a bladder dysfunction if the child is wetting day and night. Sometimes bedwetting runs in families. If one of the parents wet the bed there is a strong likelihood that your child will follow suit. It is found more commonly in boys than girls. It is really important to protect the bed and not the child to allow for the normal development of the child. At a certain point in development, the body begins to develop an antidiuretic hormone (ADH) which limits the amount of urine produced at night in order for the child to remain dry.

The problem with protective pants is that they keep the body so comfortable that the child is unaware if they are dry or wet. With the snug protection they are not aware of when the bladder first starts to release and they won’t be able to control it. They develop the habit of sleeping through the night and their body does not learn the “trigger” to wake up and go to the toilet.

Sometimes children sleep very deeply and don’t notice the signals that let the child know they should get up and go to the toilet. They have got into a habit of bedwetting and they have a mindset that says they can’t do anything about it – it is beyond their control.

So What Can Hypnotherapy Do?

Hypnotherapy can change the mindset so that the child/adult can feel in CONTROL even though it is an unconscious process. We work at creating a new habit of getting up and going to the toilet if necessary in the night. We also include help with CONFIDENCE and SELF-ESTEEM. Children and adults are delighted with the results of dry nights which results in increased confidence and improved self image too.